Machining of mechanical parts and high-precision sub-assemblies.

It is on complex parts or sub-assemblies that PSI's know-how in high-precision mechanics will make the difference in the expected level of precision, the number of operations, and when the control of deformation is essential.


We are capable of machining complex parts and any type of material, thanks to our human skills and our range of machines (including CNC 5-axis machines, grinding machines, and electrical discharge machines).

Our experience allows us to have a perfect command of the deformation constraints due to thermal treatments and surface treatments.
We also have the necessary know-how to machine materials specific to certain industries: carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, carbide...

We can also machine your parts and sub-assemblies as sub-contractors according to blueprints, while being a source of proposals for their creation: choice of materials, order of operations, types of thermal and surface treatments...

In high-precision mechanics, our strict standards and our capacity to innovate enables us to offer our most demanding customers a consistent quality, a level of precision to the nearest micron, and surface finishes (Ra 0.05).

We work for various markets:

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