We have the experience needed to take part in the complex projects of the nuclear industry.

PSI has been working for the nuclear industry for many years. Our high level of expertise in precision and high-precision mechanics and our experience in the nuclear industry enable us to manage complex projects.

PSI, ISO 9001 version 2008 certified for the design and manufacture of precision and high-precision mechanical parts, takes part in major projects. We stay in accordance with specifications and assure quality via following strict procedures and blueprints for such things as special purpose machinery or reactor vessel test-pieces for nuclear power stations.


Our in-depth experience in this industry enables us to study, produce, and guarantee mechanical assemblies that meet the strict demands expected in this sector, namely in terms of safety measures.

PSI has also mastered the the use of nuclear industry materials, such as Inconel, titanium, Zircaloy ...

We work especially for the production of fuel, at various stages:


PSI, through its various contractors, operates in all the countries in which the French nuclear industry is developing.
We are thus able to work in English and deliver bilingual documents in French/English.

References: AREVA and its subsidiaries; presence on major projects in China such as power stations in Taïshan, Ling Hao, and the fuel manufacturing unit in Baotou.

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